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Magic of Le Moulin


Architectural Impression © Carl Gysling

The sound of the Kango hammer echoes down the valley. There is dust everywhere. The old house is cold and all the furniture is covered in sheets. The place is bustling with builders. But we don’t mind. This temporary inconvenience is all towards the path of progress.

Deirdre & Marc

Love the Lot - Our Journey

Two years have passed since Marc and I became the proud owners of Le Moulin sur Célé. Our renovation project had to be kept on hold until the path was clear in terms of Covid restrictions and the infamous French red tape. Finally, it’s all systems go at Le Moulin. This is an exciting chapter in our lives and it’s time to sew the seeds for our little business that we know will blossom. We are really looking forward to opening the grand doors of Le Moulin in June 2023. The warmest of welcomes awaits all our guests.

Le Moulin

Last year, we invested in a top of the range waste water treatment plant. Interestingly, this was the last major project that we completed at Harvey’s Point and our first one in France. Equally, it’s important for us to do our bit for the environment and protect the natural beauty of our surroundings.




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The Millers House and the Tower are getting a well deserved make-over. The traditional French country charm continues with the addition of heat pump air conditioning, a sustainable plumbing system and timelessly elegant new bathrooms. 

Food being such a big part of French lifestyle and of course the holiday experience, guests will enjoy cooking or being cooked for in the fabulous new kitchen, complete with a ‘La Cornue‘ french stove and lots of copper pans. (I promised Marc that it would be my job to keep them sparkling.) For outdoor dining, the elevated space connecting the Millers House and the Tower is the perfect place for croissants at breakfast, long, lazy lunches and longer, even lazier dinners. There’s a cute patio overlooking the river, shaded by a beautiful wisteria. Additional indoor dining space is being created on the garden terrace in the event of a rare rainy day in summer. 

What I’m most excited about is that the big old fireplace will be restored to its former glory. As Le Moulin will be available to rent all year round, it will be so cosy cuddling up in front of the crackling log fire on a winter’s evening. Plans are in place to upgrade the swimming pool, as well as build a new carpark and welcoming entrance. 

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Digger in the Bedroom

Love the Lot - Our Journey

Le Malbec

The Old Wine Barn

Back in the day, wine was made at Le Moulin. We inherited a few dusty bottles of what was once good Malbec but they are probably now best kept for decorative rather than drinking purposes. Sadly, the wine-making stopped years ago and the vines went into decline. So, it’s with great excitement that Marc and I will bring the wine-making tradition back to life at Le Moulin. We’ve teamed up with La Vinadie (, which is a co-operative project that promotes the tradition of organic viticulture in the Lot region. We’ve a lot of learning to do but all in good time. The ruins of the old barn where the wine used to be made is being converted into a luxury holiday rental for two. Aptly named ‘Le Malbec’, this special place can be booked individually, or as part of Le Moulin collection.

La Vinadie

A co-operative project that promotes the tradition of organic viticulture in the Lot region and to train future winegrowers; this objective is at the heart of the ‘La Vinadie – Le vignoble du Grand-Figeac’ project.

Bernard Lacombe head of culture of SCIC La Vinadie. After a career in the Cognac and Bordeaux vineyards, he brings his technicality and experience to the service of the wine project at Vinadie. For more information visit:

La Carral

The Miller’s Cottage

Perched up on a hill with panoramic views of the valley, the Cottage La Carral is ideal for romantic couples on a short break in winter or a week-long stay during summer. Due to the current renovations at Le Moulin, we relocated to the Cottage and fell in love with its charm and rustic character. Future plans include the addition of a traditional pigeon tower (Pigeonnier) to make space for a new bathroom and kitchen with a French stove. To add to its appeal, the Cottage will feature a terrace with private splash pool – perfect for that evening sundowner and for a refreshing dip in the heat of the day.

The Tower Bar

This will be a special place where family and friends can gather, share stories and make holiday memories that can be treasured forever.

The Tower Bar

Hubby Marc and son Carl are the dynamic duo behind all the building design and refurbishment. I just wish that our beloved Jody, master designer himself, was around to see this brilliant team at work. Since his sad passing last year, we miss him every day. In Jody’s honour, we’ve decided to build a small bar in the Tower. This will be a special place where family and friends can gather, share stories and make holiday memories that can be treasured forever.

Building Dreams…

A sneak peak behind the scenes.

À Bientôt

And so, our dream of a wee place in France is real. We feel very blessed and happy. Our three kids, Christina, Carl and James are as excited about it as we are. There’s so much to do and no doubt there will be highs and lows along the way. It’s a journey and a story that we look forwarding to sharing with you.

We are really looking forward to welcoming guests to Le Moulin from June 2023. Our booking system is now open. The warmest of welcomes awaits.

Hope to see you soon!

Warmest wishes,

Deirdre & Marc

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